Carbonless NCR Forms Printing - PMS Ink Color

What is PMS Ink Colors?

We use a PMS (Pantone Matching System) for ink. A PMS ink can be any ink in the chart. Most inks are a combination of several different types of ink a blend. There are basic inks such as black, white, cyan, yellow, magenta which are used to make most of the PMS inks colors. Carbonless Printing PMS Colors

This process is used for 1 and 2 color printing of carbonless forms. Each ncr forms can have 1,2,3 or 4 colors of ink on the front and back side of the form.

You could choose, for example Red 185, and Reflex Blue ink for the front and black for the back side of the form and each page of the carbonless form would have on the front side Red 185, and Reflex Blue ink, and Black ink would be printed on the back side of the carbonless form.

There are thousands of PMS colors to choose from when designing your forms. Each color can be used to make your business unique to you.

When ordering forms, we give you several basic inks to choose from:

Standard Black Process Blue Reflex Blue Green, PMS 356
Std. Black
Process Blue
Reflex Blue
PMS 356
Red, PMS 185 Burgundy, PMS 202 Brown, PMS 469 Gray, PMS 431
PMS 185
PMS 202
PMS 469
PMS 431

You can also supply other PMS Color numbers to be used for printing your forms.
Simple provide or enter the PMS Color number at time of order.

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