Carbonless Form Drilling - 2-5 Carbonless Form Paper

What is carbonless form drilling?

Many times we get asked what is "carbonless hole drilling" or "carbonless forms drilling". Drilling refers to holes punched in the form. Many customers chose to have their carbonless forms 3 hole drilled enabling the carbonless forms to put in a 3 ring binder.

Carbonless Form Hole DrillingWe can drill the carbonless forms in any pattern you choose. For example many hospitals have 3 holes on the left side and 2 holes at the top of the forms. The 3 holes on the side are for 3 ring binders and the 2 holes at the top are usually for clip boards. The forms are gathered together usually about 500 sheets and placed in a hole drilling machine. The operator presses a foot pedal to lower the drill bits through the paper making the hole in the entire group of forms at one time. This process is repeated until all the carbonless forms are drilled as requested by the customer.

The carbonless forms are then shrink wrapped and boxed and sent to you or your customer.

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