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    Edge Glue on Carbonless Forms

    What is edge glue?

    Many customers ordering carbonless forms for the first time are not sure what is meant by "edge glued". Each sheet of a carbonless form is chemically treated to allow the image to transfer from one sheet to next. For example if you have a 4 part form and write someone's name on the first sheet the different sheets are treated to allow the image to transfer from the top of the first page to the top of the last page as you write. Since the sheets are treated a chemical bond is needed to form the finished form. The forms are placed in a Padding Wagon, and a glue "chemical" is applied like painting a wall to the edge of the forms. The edge glue dries in about 20 minutes and the carbonless forms are taken off the padding wagon and fanned apart.

    As the carbonless forms are fanned apart only the 4 sheets needed for each form will stick together. Example, a stack of 4 part carbonless forms will typically be white, yellow, pink, and goldenrod, and only the those sheets for each set will be glued together. As the block of NCR forms is fanned apart each form with its corresponding 4 sheets will fan apart leaving you with your separate 4 part carbonless forms.

    Now the job is ready to be sequentially numbered, perforations can be done, hole drilling, shrink wrapped, boxed and shipped to you or your customer.

    Where can Edge Glue be applied?

    While edge glue is an option and not required when ordering your forms, you can choose to have edge glue applied to your Carbonless Form on the:

    carbon copy form printing