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    Carbonless Forms Wrap Around Covers

    What are wrap around covers?

    How are carbonless forms bound into note pad form?

    Wrap around covers refers to a bindery feature to bind carbonless forms into a book format. Making wrap around covers involves several step process.

    First the carbonless forms must be printed and a ½" margin above the printing must be left blank to allow for the perforation. Once the carbonless forms are printed with the appropriate margins they must be edge glued and then fanned apart to form the carbonless forms. Then it is off to the perforation and sequential numbering (if requested).

    Carbonless Form Wrap Around CoverWe use another machine which can perforate and number the forms at the same time. Each form receives a perforation to allow the forms to be torn out of the wrap around cover booklet, and a crash number if requested by the customer. Once the forms are perforated and numbered they are gathered together and taken to the next stop in bindery. Another person will separate the carbonless forms into groups of 50 sets and placed a piece of chipboard behind the group of 50 sets.

    While the carbonless forms are being grouped and chipboard added another person will cut to the size needed 110# manila paper cover stock. The manila paper is then ran through another machine which is programmed to crease the cover stock at different intervals depending on the type and size of form we are making. The cover stocks after they are creased are then put on the groups of 50 booklets, and each booklet is check to make sure the cover stock fits correctly.

    The final stage of wrap around covers is the stitching process. Each book is placed in the stitcher and 3 -5 stitches are placed in the top of the wrap around covers holding the books together. The finished product is then shipped to you or your customer.

    Stitched and Spiral Wraparound Cover Carbonless Forms
    White Wraparound Covers

    How many booklets per set?

    The finished product has a booklet of 50 sets (if 2 or 3 part carbonless form) and 25 sets (if 4 or 5 part carbonless form).

    The booklets are designed with a flap the warps around the entire booklet and can be placed between sets to prevent images from one carbonless form transferring to another carbonless form. The perforation allows you to tear out one or more pages or leave one page in the booklet for accounting purposes or accountability.

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