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    Carbonless Form Back Printing

    What is back printing?

    Back Printing on Carbonless Form

    Back printing is printing on the reverse side or back side of a carbonless form. The print is usually lighter in shade or a percentage of the original color of ink. The lighter shade of print is done so the back side printing does not bleed through to the front side of the custom carbonless form.

    Back printing can be printed head to head the top of the front matches the top of the back for or it can be printed head to foot were the top of the page for the back is bottom of the page on the front. Back side printing can be done on most forms and printed material and is not limited to carbonless forms.

    We use back side printing on note pads, letterhead, envelopes, flyers, and many other products. Back printing can be printed in all PMS colors but is usually done as a 50% screen of black to look like gray ink thus the lighter shade of ink.

    What is on the back side of the form?

    The back side of a carbonless form usually contains terms and conditions. Some customer elect to put descriptions of their products, shipping information, or any other legal information required to use their products. You can make your custom form any way you like. Adding your companies terms and conditions to the back side of the form is a cheaper way to complete the form, rather than having a second carbonless form to describe what can easily be put on the back side of the form.
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