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    What is Carbonless Paper?

    Carbonless paper (carbonless carbon paper) often referred to as No Carbon Required Forms, is used for creating a carbon copy (duplicate form) of invoices, invoice books, receipt books or other business forms. Carbonless paper and carbonless forms are above all, an alternative to traditional carbon paper that is both biodegradable and stain-free. It can be used to make a duplicate copy of an original document, whether handwritten or mechanically typed, without having to resort to electronics.

    What is Carbonless PaperEach sheet of carbonless paper is coated with a reactive clay or micro-encapsulated ink or dye, which is the basis behind its basic function. Micro-encapsulated dye coats the back of the first sheet, whilst on the top surface of the lowermost sheet is a coating of clay that rapidly reacts with the dye, forming a permanent mark in the process. Intermediate sheets of carbonless paper can also be used that have dye on the bottom and a coating of clay on the top.

    Finally, carbonless paper also has a wide range of applications within your business. It can be used for seemingly everything from notepads to business forms, including full color carbonless forms and custom carbonless forms, in addition to blank carbonless paper in various sizes for whatever purpose that you may have in mind. Examples of the latter may include digital carbonless paper, which has been specifically designed for the printing of business forms with laser printers and copiers.

    What is Carbonless (No Carbon Required) Paper?

    No Carbonless Required Paper is another name for carbonless paper. The initials of "N","C" and "R", are commonly used in the printing industry when referring to business form printing.
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