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    Carbonless Form Perforation

    What is Carbonless Perforation?

    Carbonless perforation allows you to easily tear out one or more pages or leave one page in the booklet for accounting purposes or accountability.

    Carbonless Form PerforationCarbonless forms like many other printing products (tickets, documents, newsletters, mailers to name a few), use perforations. Perforations can be done a number of different ways. One way is to perforate the form as it is printed on the printing press. A piece of litho perforation tape is attached to the back cylinder of the printing press as the paper goes through the press the perforation is smashed into the paper. This is not a very accurate method of putting a perforation in a form, as many times the printing blanket is torn up and not able to be used again (costly), also the perforation tape tends to slide on the back cylinder and the perforation is not always straight.

    Modern machinery allows us to control the depth and size of the perforation. We use a machine which has interchangeable perforation blades allowing us to choose the number of teeth per inch which determines the space between the teeth the perforation makes in the paper. We typically use a 54 teeth per inch to do our perforation. The 54 teeth per inch tells us there are approximately 54 spaces per inch. Yes, you would need a big magnifying glass to count the teeth (spaces) per inch. When we perforate carbonless forms the 54 teeth per inch is a better way, the forms stay together yet allow for the carbonless forms to be torn apart with ease.

    To sum it all up, perforation is a dotted line with little tiny parts missing from the line to allow the paper to be removed from a book or separated from another part of a larger whole.

    NOTE: When ordering wrap around covers you do not need to choose perforation. Carbonless form perforation is included with the wrap around covers.

    Example Custom Perforation

    If you want a tear out size of 11" x 8", you would select paper size of 8.5" x 14".

    We would then cut the paper to 11.5" (to allow 1/2" for perforation).

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