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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.
    If your question is not listed below, please call Contact Us.

    Question: COVID-19 Questions and Answers?
    Answer: As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives, we have provided answers to some of the printing questions you may have.
    Read more here
    Question: Can I order 6 or 7 Part Forms?
    Answer: Yes. We provide custom quoting for 6 Part and 7 Part Carbonless Forms.

    However, we are unable to guarantee transfer on any carbonless form over 5 parts. This is due to the pressure needed to transfer the image through to all the sheets and with anything over 5 parts it may be difficult to write hard enough to transfer the image to all the pages.
    We have tested our product and suggest not going over 5 pages.

    Question: What is a Rush Order Charge?
    Answer: When selecting the Rush Order* option, this will expedite your order to be printed in 2-4 business days* from date of order (if no proof has been requested). If a proof has been requested, then it is 2-4 business days* from business date of Proof approval. Proofs can be viewed and approved online. Login to your Account to view or approve (see Account History).

    Regular production time is 5-10 business days from date of order (if no proof has been requested) or 5-10 business days from business date of Proof approval. Business days are Monday - Friday*, excluding all major holidays. Orders received after 12:00 Noon EST will be counted for the next business day.

    *Business days do NOT include the time in which you order is in transit to you. This is determined by shipping method chosen at time of order.
    **An additional service charge will be added to your order when selecting the Rush Order option.
    Question: How long does it take for my order to process?
    Answer: Please allow 5-10 business days depending on the quantity and/or options selected for your order. If special order, please allow additional time. We will notify you by phone or email should production exceeds our normal time span.
    Question: My logo is in color on my file why does it print in black?
    Answer: When ordering your forms if you select black ink, you logo will print in black ink as a gray scale. Proofs will be done as color if your file is sent to us in color; however if you want the logo in color you will need to select full color printing for the forms. Except if logo is color separated as spot colors for 2 color printing then you can choose the 2 color printing process, and choose the colors desired.
    Question: Where can you place the numbers for numbering?
    Answer: We can place your numbers for numbering any place on your form. You must be specific as to where the number is to be placed, otherwise we will put the number in the most logical place.

    Numbering is available in "Black" or "Red".

    Question: What is nonstandard paper sequence / nonstandard file?
    Answer: If your form is any other combination other than the standard color sequence of 2,3,4 and 5 part; or if not all of your pages of your form print the same you will need to choose nonstandard paper sequence for different colors and nonstandard file for forms were all parts do not print the same. If your form is both nonstandard file and nonstandard color sequence you only need to choose nonstandard color sequence.

    The nonstandard paper sequence is in the extra services additional charges apply. When ordering there are six primary colors to choose from for your paper sequence;(white, yellow, pink, green, goldenrod, and blue) and although we currently do not have a drop down menu for each page you can instruct us at check out in the special instruction box which page is what color.

    For example if your form is a four part form and you want the color sequence to be pink, green, blue, and white; at check out in the special instructions box you would tell us part 1 is pink, part 2 is green, part 3 is blue and finally part 4 is white.

    When ordering a form with standard paper sequence; and contains different printing on each page you would choose nonstandard file; additional charges will apply in the extra services. If your form is both nonstandard paper sequence and nonstandard file we will need you to instruct us which page is which color and the sequence of the form.

    All the instructions for nonstandard forms and be done at check out or in a separate email. When corresponding with email always refer to your order number to insure we have the correct file.
    Question: What is standard paper sequence for 8.5 x 11 carbonless paper?
    Answer: 2 part (white, yellow)
    2 part (white, pink)
    3 part (white, yellow, pink)
    4 part (white, yellow, pink, golden rod)
    5 part (white, green, yellow, pink, golden rod)
    Question: When do I need to choose perforation?
    Answer: If you choose to have us bind your order in wrap around covers you do not need to choose perforation unless you need more than one perforation in the form. Wrap around covers include one perforation so the forms may be removed from the booklet.

    If you need another part of the form to be torn off then you would need a perforation, or if you want the form to have a stub on any side; then you would need to choose perforation as an additional option.

    Question: What is padding?
    Answer: Padding is used for carbonless forms to make them into note pad style. For Example: if you had 50 sets of 2 part 8.5 x 5.5 black and white carbonless forms and wanted them in a tablet form you would choose padding as an additional option to your forms.
    Question: What is Tag Card Stock?
    Answer: Tag Card Stock is a chemically treated sheet that works like a regular sheet of carbonless paper. It is always the last sheet as the tag is only coated on one side of the sheet. Tag Card stock is a 105# weight sheet that is available in manila or white and can be printed on both sides.
    Question: What is shrink wrapping?
    Answer: You can choose shrink wrapping as an additional service. We package all jobs in packs of 250 sets for 2 and 3 part and 125 for 4 and 5 part. If you wish for an additional charge you can choose to have your forms packed in smaller size packs. Example we can pack as few as 25 forms to a shrunk wrap package.
    Question: What is Edge Glue?
    Answer: Edge Glued refers to edge glued forms for example a 2 part form will be edge glued on the left, right, top or bottom of your choice. These are only glued in sets not pads. To have your forms glued in pad form please choose the padding option in additional services.
    Question: What is a 2-5 part form with tag?
    Answer: When selecting the Carbonless Form Tag Card Stock option as the "Final Part" to your selected Form Type, it will be printed as follows:

    2 Part: White/Tag
    3 Part: White/Yellow/Tag
    4 Part: White/Yellow/Pink/Tag
    5 Part: White/Green/Yellow/Pink/Tag

    NOTE: If you need a different order, please list the order information in the special Message Section of the Order Form at time of checkout.

    Question: Can I place a phone or email order?
    Answer: Yes, we would be happy to take your order via phone or email; however we will need all of your artwork and payment information, and one of our CSR's can place the order for you through the website. All phone orders will require approval by email from you for both the order and the artwork. The CSR's can place both re-orders and new orders alike.

    Question: Is everything shipped via FedEx Ground?
    Answer: We ship USPS to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and American Samoa. We ship FedEx to HI and AK.
    Some areas require air shipping and there will be additional charges for this service. Import tax is the responsibility of the customer, not
    Question: Incorrect Shipping Address
    Answer: We are not responsible for incorrect shipping information provided by the customer. Additional charges will be assessed for all shipments that have to be redirected.
    Question: I am shipping to Canada, does the shipping include all custom fees?
    Answer: Yes, your shipping total includes all duties, taxes, shipping and handling charges. We offer Canada Standard as the shipping method, when shipping to Canada. This service is now applied to all orders after September 6, 2013.
    Question: When does my turnaround time begin?
    Answer: Turnaround time for any print job where a PDF or mailed Hard Copy proof is sent; begins once proof approval has been approved by you and received by us. If you did not select to receive a proof, turnaround time begins once your file is uploaded; if before 12:00 noon EST it will begin that business day (Mon.-Fri.). If uploaded after 12:00 noon Eastern Stand Time it will begin the next business day. If you approve your job by 1:00 PM EST, turnaround time begins that business day.

    The time required to typeset or fix any files does not count towards turnaround time. Ship time does not count toward turn time.

    Please note if we are unable to print your files because they do not conform to Carbonless On Demand's file requirements, your job status will be put 'On Hold' and your turnaround time will start over.

    Question: Can I cancel my order?
    Answer: We strive for quick turnarounds on all orders. Therefore your order can go into production at any time after placing your order (online or by phone). In the event you wish to cancel your order, you may incur Cancellation Fees or Plate Fees based on the production status and age of your order at the time of cancellation request. Orders that have already printed or shipped are not eligible for cancellation, refund or credit.

    Cancellation and Plating Fee Policies

    Order Date*
    Plate Fees (per Plate)
    Cancellation Fees
    Within 24 Hours**
    1 - 29 Days
    25% of the Order Total
    30 - 59 Days
    50% of the Order Total
    60 - 89 Days
    75% of the Order Total
    Over 90 Days
    $ 0.00
    100% of the Order Total

    To cancel your order, please email us at

    The following information is required in your email request for a cancellation:
    1. Valid contact Phone Number
    2. Invoice Number to cancel
    3. Item(s) you wish to cancel on the Order

    If the above information is not included OR is not correct, your request will NOT be processed.

    Orders may not be cancelled if and when the following has happened.
    • The order has been sent to production
    • The ordered item has been printed
    • The order is already packaged
    • The order is en route to you
    • The order has been delivered
    • In the above instances we are not able to cancel any orders and the customer will be charged in full.

    For more information please see our Return Policy.

    Question: What type of file formats do you accept?
    Answer: We accept most file types: PDF, Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Photo shop, Publisher, Word, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, Zip; however we prefer a PDF file.

    Supported File Type Formats
    .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .gif, .png, .bmp, .pdf, .ai, .doc, .xml, .xlsx, .xls, .pub, .ppt, .txt and .zip
    Question: What type of files do you accept?
    Answer: We accept most types of files, but prefer PDF. We accept Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, Indesign, Freehand, Pagemaker, Publisher, and Excel. If you send anything other than a PDF, a PDF proof will be sent and production will begin once approval is given.

    Question: How long does it take for my carbonless business forms to be printed?
    Answer: We strive to turn around most qualified carbonless form orders within 24 hours/ one business day. For your order to qualify for a 1 business day turn around you must provide us with a PDF file and designate that no proof approval is required. This 24 hour turn around does not include shipping and is limited to production, on quantities between 100-500 8.5 X 11 carbonless forms, form type of either 2 part or 3 part with no additional bindery options (see below), PRINTED SINGLE SIDED IN BLACK INK ONLY. Orders of other sizes, quantities and specifications begin with the normal production time frame (see below).

    The normal production time is 5-10 business days, plus ship time.

    Any additional order options, such as color ink, back printing, numbering, perforations, wrap around covers, drilling etc., can add up to 5 additional business days to your order's production time. Business days are Monday - Friday 8:00 am Eastern time to 6:30 pm Eastern time excluding all major holidays (Christmas, New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving).

    If you provide a file other than PDF and/or require a proof, we will not begin production until we have received your approval of that proof and therefore it can also add time to the turnaround time if left unapproved.

    Please note that the 24 hour turn around/business day does not include the shipping time. Shipping times will vary depending on your location. For more information regarding processing and shipping times, please call the number at the top of the page.

    Question: Can I get a proof?
    Answer: A proof is provided if requested, and if a PDF file is not sent to us with your order. Proof time will vary depending on current work load (usually 2-3 business days). We will not print your job without your approval unless you send written notice waving a proof. Once you approve the proof, and we have received the approval your turn time and production begins on your form.

    Any proof sent is not a accurate color reproduction and colors can vary depending on your viewing screen, but it is the last opportunity for you to check your layout and positioning prior to printing. We can send a digital print for proof only next day air at an additional charge. We are not liable for delays caused by customer not approving proof.

    The proof is not the same as the original file submitted and should be reviewed prior to approval. It should be checked against your uploaded file for possible errors. Customer should check file for any errors in spelling, grammar, layout, spacing, layout, punctuation. Customer is responsible for final proof and layout approval prior to the printing process. is NOT LIABLE for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons. Misspelling, Graphics, Grammar, Finished size, Punctuation, Incorrect or missing fonts. We do not make changes on customer files unless requested in writing. Minimum charge for graphic design work is $75.00/ hr. a PDF proof will be sent for your approval.

    Question: What is your Document Retention Policy?
    Answer: We retain all email correspondence for a period of thirty(30) days. Artwork which is related to any order(s) are retained indefinitely. Testimonials that you may have provided, may be saved indefinitely and posted to our web site, at our discretion.
    Question: Have more questions?
    Answer: Call us anytime and we'll be happy to help you understand our procedures and policies or help you place your order so that you get exactly what you need and know exactly when you'll get it.
    Question: Not receiving email from Carbonless On Demand? What could be the cause of this?
    Answer: Many times email will land in your "junk" folder. Be sure to check there prior to calling. To prevent this in the future, add our email address to your contacts. Most email service providers will NOT classify email as "junk" when they are listed in your contacts. Also, be sure to login and check the email address you have on file in your account with Carbonless On Demand is correct.
    Question: Sales Tax Exempt Form
    Answer: We are required to collect sales tax for all purchases within the United States except where exempted by law.

    If you are exempt and wish to place orders without sales tax please send us a completed Sales Tax Exempt Form.

    Please send this to us by fax or email.
    FAX: 330-837-8612
    Question: Does carbonless papers contain trace amounts of formaldehyde?
    Answer: Nekoosa Coated Products carbonless papers contain a trace amount of formaldehyde, a California Proposition 65 material. Product testing, while printing, has shown that the formaldehyde concentration in the surrounding air to be less than the OSHA 0.75 ppm permissible exposure limit for an 8-hour time-weighted average. For more information go to
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