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Carbonless Form Start Number

What is a starting number.

A starting number is the first number in a sequentially numbered sequence. You can start your forms at any number; however most chose to start with 1001 as it does not scream new account and worry customers.

Carbonless Form Start NumberA starting number can be 001 or 10,001 it is up to you to determine which number to start with. For accounting purposes it is easier to start with 001 and continue numbering up from there, as you will not have to subtract 1000 from the beginning numbers if you started at 1000. Also for accounting purposes if you were ever audited by the IRS, or your state government you will not need to explain you started at 1001 instead of 001.

Not all carbonless forms use a starting number on the forms. Many companies chose not to use sequential numbering and have forms without starting numbers. At the end of the day the choice is yours, you must decide what is best for you and your company, to have a carbonless form with sequential numbering and what start number to choose.

Whether for accounting purposes or to simply set customers and suppliers at ease by choosing a larger number to start with.

Where can you place the numbers for numbering?
We can place your numbers for numbering any place on your form. You must be specific as to where the number is to be placed, otherwise we will put the number in the most logical place.

Numbering is done by default in RED. To have numbering done in black a special request must be requested.

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